About Us

The Ballatsu name simply means "ball pressure" and was created out of necessity. Suffering from Fibromyalgia, I found relief through shiatsu massage and devised a way to treat myself. Using a ball to apply pressure to the trigger points worked great, but found it awkward to position properly. Attaching a ball to a rope was the solution and using four balls added greater flexibility. Although a simple idea, it became challenging to perfect. Developing, prototyping and then making many by hand while suffering from Fibromyalgia was physically demanding, but very rewarding. The aesthetic beauty of the product is a huge benefit in that the Ballatsu will always be close at hand (no need to hide it in the closet). Reaching out to others suffering from similar ailments has been most satisfying.

Ballatsu’s beautiful and long lasting design allows you to enjoy it anywhere. At home, at the office or even while travelling. Purchase with confidence and receive many years of self-healing.